G-Code for getting absolute position

Looking for a way to get the current absolute position (assuming you have homing setup). I read through https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/G-Code, but the only code I see is M114 which does not appear to work on the shapeoko.

Obviously I could just write down the coordinates of the location I touch off on, just before zeroing. But sometimes I zero a couple of times while accounting for tool width and whatnot. I guess I could just avoid doing that but it would be cool to be able to grab the abs coords if possible.

I believe the “?” command (without quotes) returns the machine’s current status in both machine coordinates and work coordinates.


Are there multiple methods of entering gcode commands? In Carbide Motion, entering ? in the MDI screen, then looking at the log does not show any output. Oddly if I enter $, its shows me a summary of commands I can enter, and ? is one of them.

It may be that Carbide Motion uses ? as a wildcard or is filtering it out — try pre-prending it with a slash or backslash (I believe the MDI window indicates which) to prevent that and enforce CM sending the command as typed.

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Aha! “/?” worked. Now I know what that message that I ignored meant :slight_smile: Learning everyday!

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