G-Code Size & Type

I just upgraded my XXL to run the Carbide Motion 4.0.412 in the last week and have ran a couple jobs since. Ran into couple things just wondered if anyone knows:

  1. Is there a limitation to the size of the G-code file that the program will handle ? I was running a very big 30"x 30" relief and the file was at 19,000 + KB and it loaded but when recompiling for different path type it got up to 40,000+ KB and wouldn’t load.

  2. I’m using Artcam 2017 and generating code with the G-Code mm (.tap), ran into an error with the new Carbide Motion saying code was too long, or code not recognized part way through a run. Never had that with the older version of Carbide motion. Hence why question 1 was asked because I tried to generate different path.

Right now my solution was to break the big relief up into zones and run as smaller files, seems to work OK.

Couple of General Comments about the new version:

  • would be nice to be able to calibrate the Z-Axis or run the homing job when you wish. Many time the Z-axis gets out of calibration and pain that you have to disconnect from machine and reconnect to get the Homing Job to show up in the menu again. Even just having option to calibrate off the limit switch when you hit the pause button in a run would be great.

  • love the ability to jog speed up or down during a run.

  • Like the improvements to jogging much better control vs older version


It should accept very large files, and lines up to the 70 character limit which Grbl has (it would be nicer if it would accept longer lines and truncate them sensibly).

If you have a problem with a file running in CM, please send it in, along w/ a note on how it was made and what the problem is to support@carbide3d.com

Hi @wingrider62

Did you manage to sort this out? I also use artcam and I’m only machining about 12’x12’ but high detail with a tiny 0.25mm bit. Many times I have to break up my relief into smaller areas but sometimes this leaves a line and thats very frustrating :expressionless:

I never got past the issue with Carbide Motion. When I added a Zaxis upgrade I had to switch to using GRBL Panel because at that time Carbide Motion wouldn’t let you modify the parameters I needed for the additional Z travel. I have no issues with sending extremely large files via GRBL Panel, so I never went back to CM. I know they have changed and upgraded it since, but haven’t tried their latest version.

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Thank you for responding so quickly :blush: Did you have any issues switching from carbide motion to GRBL Panel. I really would like to give it a try :wink:

No problems at all, watched a you tube video on it, pretty basic program. Think there are some topics in this forum on it as well. You can jump back and forth by uploading the parameters from the controller, in less you’ve added a Z-axis like I did that’s outside of the CM limits.

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