G Code Warnings

Far too many times I have designed a project in Carbide Create where I design my project, do my toolpaths (setting the depth of cut to bottom), and then realize that I never changed my stock thickness in the job setup. I change the thickness and then get sidetracked and forget to readjust my toolpath depth. I have never hit any t-nuts or t-tracks below the spoil board but have came close. I would like to see a warning for when the g-code is being generated, so if the depth of cut exceeds the stock depth, then a warning would be triggered. It could say something along the lines of, “The depth of cut exceeds the depth of your stock. Would you like to proceed anyways (yes/no)”. I think this feature would be extremely useful to beginners who wouldn’t even think twice about depth of cut, thus preventing frustration and broken bits. Even if you change your stock thickness by a minimal amount and forget to adjust your toolpath, it can cause your tabs to be extremely thin or nonexistent, which could lead to a damaged workpiece or a flying projectile.

While there isn’t a warning per se, this sort of thing can be checked in the 3D preview — just view both tool movement and stock.

We’ve got a bunch of little things like this that we’d like to add but, to do it correctly we need to change the file format so they’re deferred until we start on CC V7. Linking a depth to the bottom of stock, in particular, is one that we’re planning to add. (Which is what the past month or so we’ve been focused on drawing commands that don’t require any changes to the file format.)


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