G Codes to run in open build

Newbie here
First time trying Carbide create Pro
I develop simple G code program but when I transfer to my open build GRBL controller it shows the program on preview but when I run it does not.
It never gives any error but does not run
can someone help me?

Which post-processor are you using?

Edit | Select post-processor

Does the communication/control program you use support tool changes?

After editing the header I was able to run thru :smirk:

As @WillAdams asked you need to change your post processor. The default is for C3D machines and I would suspect an OpenBuilds machine will not be compatible with a Shapeoko/Nomad machine gcode. They have two options in the post processors will likely work with your OpenBuilds machines. The 1st option is Basic gcode and the 2nd option is GRBL. The main difference between those two options and the Shapeoko/Nomad is C3D has accessories like the BitRunner, BitZero and BitSetter that gcode commands are inserted into the gcode. When non C3D machines try to parse the Shapeoko/Nomad gcode they usually complain.

I have selected GRBL post processor
It do work with Open build with header modifications

Are you using the Openbuilds Black Box. If so are you using their gcode sender. Please comment on how you like either or both. I am thinking about building a custom machine for slabbing sawmill wood slabs.

No I am using Open build Controller only. My machine is 3018 Genmitsu.

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