G# β€” G-code preporocessor for Grbl

Just announced on the ShapeOko forums: https://github.com/NRSoft/GSharp

Looking forward to seeing it built into Carbide Motion


Will, would you mind explaining what this means for the average SO3 user?


From my response to the announcement on the ShapeOko forums:

For those who aren’t familiar w/ it, G-code programming makes possible a number of designs / styles which would be very difficult to model / draw in 3D β€” esp. if one has a lathe / 4th axis:

Some CNC work....

Looking forward to this being bundled w/ pretty much every G-code sender by default. It moves my making a 4th axis way up the priority stack.

The G-codes which Grbl supports are by necessity limited, so they are the basic ones which are suited to being driven by CAM programs which don’t get bored β€” the codes which G# adds are the loops and control structures which allow one person to directly code up things such as are seen in the Sawmill Creek link.