G-Penny Spindle Owners

Now that I have my HDZ I’m now antsy to get a spindle for it. Although I was really thinking of waiting out to see what the potential C3D spindle options might be I’m ready to move on this sooner than later. I’ve narrowed it down to the G-Penny spindle as it’s gotten good reviews from people on this forum. That said I’ve never used Aliexpress and was wondering which storefront you bought from? I noticed that there’s a “G-Penny Machine Official Store” however it seems like the “BEST Technology CO Ltd.” process way more orders so any comments/feedback on either of these sellers/stores? I’m leaning towards the larger 2.2kW water cooled option purely for the ER20 collets as I’d like to try using the larger surfacing bits to flatten stock/material as I don’t have the space for a planar and dust collection as well as the option for ceramic bearings.

At the time I got mine from BEST too, link in that thread.

As far as I can tell from posts on that topic, there is still an element of uncertainty/luck when shopping Ali for spindles, choosing a known brand and distributor increases your chances but is not a guarantee of success either. It’s the name of the (Ali) game.

Anyway, if you can’t wait for C3D’s spindle I think BEST/G-penny is as safe as you can play it right now, then cross your fingers, do a little rain dance, and everything should be fine :slight_smile:


I bought a 2.2kW G-Penny from BEST Technology on Aliexpress with a YL-620A VFD.

It took a while to arrive, and the water pump is really noisy (I replaced it with this) but the spindle has been amazing - so count me as one of the lucky ones too.


I bought the G-Penny 800W water cooled spindle, VFD bundle and 8 months in it is still rock solid. Best single upgrade I have made to the 3XL, closely followed by my Jog Pendant


I could but at the very least I’d like to have this under the Christmas tree :christmas_tree: this year so my window to purchase is closing as I’m not sure how accurate their estimated delivery dates are on Aliexpress. I did send an inquiry into sales @C3D for an estimate on timeline so pending a response I’m looking at the G-Penny option which looks like a great option anyways although it is also a question about supported vs. unsupported as well (edit: which is the main reason I’m hesitating.)


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