G-Wizard Editor

Is anyone using G-Wizard Editor with the Nomad?

I’ve installed the trial version and was happily surprised to see that all the machine specs for the Nomad were there. Unfortunately though all the Wizards were shown as for the lathe version. So either Carbide 3D are working on a project to build a lathe (how cool would that be) or there is a little bug there in the G-Wizard Editor setup for the Nomad.

I use G-Wizard regularly for multiple CNC machines including the Nomad. I set up the Nomad myself.

I can’t speak well enough for this program. I admit the UI could be a bit cleaned up but otherwise it does a fantastic job.

I use the GW-Editor to check my work when I’m developing post processors and to check CAM output.


Yes, that seems to be the general consensus online. I just emailed Robert yesterday and he has already replied back. Pretty legend. I think I’m just going to buy it and if this is not resolved I’ll just do what you have done and set up the nomad myself as a mill.

Hey so I have been using G-Wizard Calculator quite a bit now and it is very helpful for setting safe depth of cut but I would say the plunge rates it suggests are very scary - like I just would not use them (where I set absolute max 30mm/min it suggests 889mm/min). Also for those that come after and read this thread it is essential to set up the adjusted spindle power curve to ‘Weight Adjusted HP’.

As for the G-Wizard Editor, that this post was originally about, I had to set up a copy of the original Nomad specs (that are automatically included for the Nomad with both packages) by saving as with a different name (like ‘Nomad 883a’) and then it showed the milling rather than turning wizards as it should. After all that effort though I tried to create g code for facing but it did some weird thing where it kept trying to select the tool when I ran it on the nomad - looked okay on cutviewer though.

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Thanks for this. Just started playing with G-Wizard. It was giving me crazy aggressive parameters. I will try this change and see how it goes!

Also, never use the numbers for aggressive roughing.