G wizard for makita router

(Erik ) #1

Which g wizard package would be best for the makita router? Will 1hp cut it? (Pun intended)

(William Adams) #2

Since it’s rated at 1.25HP, but trim routers tend to be rated at peak, rather than the more normal power levels used, 1HP should be fine.

(Erik ) #3

Thanks Will! Is that what you use?

(mikep) #4

It’s what I use… Even better, buy for a year, it’s good for 1hp forever. Buy a second year, get a 2nd horsepower forever.

(William Adams) #5

I use a Makita, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy G-Wizard, since I’ve been trying to limit myself to opensource where possible.

(Jon) #6

Gwizard is like satnav at first you fiddle and ignore what it says later you leave it alone and trust it I have bought it after maxamillion recommended it and boy I love it best money I ever spent. F&F is sooo much better with my cuts and support / updates are good too

(Erik ) #7

Would 3 year come with 3hp for life?

(William Adams) #8

Yes. The pricing model for G-Wizard is quite nice — each year you pay for it gets you that many HP in perpetuity. Paying for year gets one unlimited horsepower for that year.

(Paul Alfaro) #9

There’s also HSM Advisor https://hsmadvisor.com/

I like G wizard desktop a bit more (still getting used to HSMAdvisor), but I like the app of HSM better.

(Jonathan Anderson) #10

How much is HSMAdvisor?

(Paul Alfaro) #11


(Dan Nelson) #12

I have a 1hp for life GWizard license, and for my purposes I never hit the max (mostly wood and a little aluminum). Having said that I just installed FSWizard lite for iOS and it looks promising. I’ve never liked the GUI for GWizard, I don’t like Adobe Air(or anything Adobe really), but I’ve done plenty of cutting that worked out good.


(Erik ) #13

I downloaded FSWizard app yesterday but it seems like I just tell it what I’m going to do instead of IT telling ME what to do.

(Dan Nelson) #14

I haven’t run any pieces with it yet, but it appears to work in a super simple way. Pick material, pick end mill, tell it max spindle rpm and it seems to do the rest. The “pro” version has a larger materials database from what I can tell, not sure what the other benefits are.

I also have not compared it to the numbers in GWizard, just barely messed with it a little.