G-Wizard Import

I recently bought my first year of G-Wizard and I’m trying to learn how to use it. Even watching the tutorials it’s a bit confusing to me. For other users who use it regularly, I’m a bit stumped on the settings and such. For example, what is the max feedrate for the C3D XXL?

Is there any ready-made files for the XXL or the C3D Endmills that I can import into G-Wizard?

I tried plugging in some numbers as I understand them for cutting hardwood with the #201 .25 Endmill, going conservative and setting it so I’m cutting a full slot, and I get a huge feedrate of 185 ipm on 50% rough. Does that seem extremely high to anybody else? Here’s a screenshot, if somebody could take a look and tell me if it’s correct, or what I’m doing wrong?

Hi. I use Gwizard for my XXL.
I have to have it set at 40% for rough, or it gets too rough, but at that, it’s pretty much right on :slight_smile:
I have my feed limit set at 180.
Plunge rates are the Feed rate divided by the number of flutes on the endmill , A secret :wink:
Here is a screen shot with the dewalt router as a spindle.

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Yours looks a little different than mine, but I haven’t updated since I got it, and I got the 3 HP/ year subscription, but it should work the same.

ok, thanks, it’s nice to have confirmation. I was worried that 180 was way too fast. I’ve been using numbers closer to 30-50 ipm and not being confident at those speeds. I need to put more faith in the machine. Also I see that I’ve been using the wrong number of flutes.

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