Game Controller stopped working on Carbide Motion v 617

I’ve been using an XBox Gamepad to control the Shapeoko 5 Pro using the Gamepad Mapper app on my Mac and had been working flawlessly, until I upgraded to CM v617. The Gampad stopped working and every time I try to jog with it, the motors will travel for 1/2" and stops and CM flashes “Busy” for a while and nothing happens. I went into the Gamepad Mapper and turned off “Key Repeat” and the controller will work but i have to keep pressing the nav buttons (instead of holding down once and the cnc will travel for as long as I held down the button, which was what it was doing prior to v617) multiple times to make it travel a distance. Has anyone had any problems with their gamepad operations since the v617 upgrade? Can the Carbide 3D CM team look into this?

I just updated CM to 617 today and my game pad is working just fine. Mine is a Logitech game pad, I think it’s an F30… maybe. I would try running the setup wizard again and double checking all your settings as a first attempt to solve the issue.

are you on a Mac? and which keyboard mapping software are you using? Mine works perfectly in v582, but not any of the v6x CMs. I’m on a Mac using the Gamepad Mapper app.

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That could have something to do with it. I’m on a windows 10 tablet. Fusion5 to be a precise. I didn’t need any mapping software, it’s just plug and play.

I was given a Surface tablet to use as a dedicated interface for my Shapeoko and I loaded CM build 618 and I cannot get my Xbox One Wireless controller to work. I have it connected via Bluetooth to the Windows 11 OS on this tablet, but CM does not recognize it.

One of the things that I noticed on my Mac is that I get the busy notification a lot which causes the machine to not function. It is not just from your entry mode.

I had not thought about the gamepad for the initial setup on my mac so I am going to give it a try. In the App store there are a few different ones, have you experimented with any others? Does Gamepad Mapper allow you to control the rate at which the keys are repeated?

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