Garden tool cart

I created this garden tool cart — cut on my ShapeOko 4xxl — clearing 6 feet of garage wall which has since become the center of my workshop.

Here it is laden with tools.

I designed this with Easel. Design files are here:


I made something similar that was a cat toy that you put ping pong balls in and the cats go nuts batting the balls around.

I cut the top out with the Shapeoko and assembled the sides, top and bottom with plywood. I bought some carpet pieces and cut a piece to fit on the bottom so the cats would not scratch up the floor. I made 2 one for my daughter and the other for my grandson.

Here are the v6 CC files.

cat_play_box_top.c2d (214.0 KB)

cat_play_box_sides.c2d (18.6 KB)

You can open this in v7 and then save for the v7 format. It was created in v6.

The slots and most of the holes are sized to not let the ping pong balls out. Only two of the holes are big enough to put the ping pong balls in. I bought the ping pong balls at Walmart and they are regulation size.

The cats love it.

Caution you may need to remove the toy at night as the cats bat the balls around all night and might wake you up.


:slight_smile: Aw Man…I like that. Cool and Clever. Way To Go man!

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I cannot take full credit for the design. I found it on a blog I was looking at to make some cat toys. I cannot find the original site but they designed it in metric and I converted it to inches because I am old and set in my ways. I purchased the piing pong balls and measured them to make sure my metric to inch conversion was correct. Almost everything has been invented but it is ok to take the kernel of an idea and modify it for your own needs. There are still new things that will be invented but almost every new invention is because the inventor is standing on the shoulders of others.

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