Gator Tooth clamps CAD file

Hoping someone had a CAD file of the gator tooth clamps that I could use in modifying them to accept 5/16 hardware. Thanks in advance.

Have you had a crack at making them yourself?

Maybe my view is a little skewed, I’ve been using Fusion 360 for about 3 years now but they don’t seem like particularly tricky parts.

If they’re cast and you want to add all the draft angles, it may become a little more awkward, but still doable. I have never used Carbide Create, so these things may be way more tricky than I’m assuming!

Alternatively, someone might have a model or might be able to make you one up fairly quickly. Being dimension-less, I’m not much use for that.

Of course, just trying to save myself a bit of CAD time. If I do that I’ll probably just stick to modeling the slot with a generous retract height and call it a day.

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Ended up doing the CAD work, 1/4" version is available in this file if you want to add it to your vice/workholding setups. 5/16 coming soon.

Just some reasonable guesses on fillet sizes, thread type,size, and pitch is probably wrong because i was too lazy to look up the size of the grub screw.


This turned out well thanks again @neilferreri

FWIW I’ve updated the F360 File with all the fixtures and tool-paths for 1/16th tooling and I can verify that I got close enough with my measurements that I didn’t snap any 1/16" bits. Just make sure you spend the time finding the perfect center of the 1/4" Stock clamp.


@Jorge are the Stainless Steel versions 303 or 304 steel?

More likely @Luke could easily speak to that.

304 Stainless :slight_smile: .20


darn. Well, the SS specific tooling to do this to my SS versions was probably going to be more expensive than 4 more aluminum clamps so i’ll just go that route.

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