GBRL Error and finding datum

Good evening all, I’m hoping for a little help, I’m not sure if it should be software help or shapeoko.

I am running my mill and half way through at various but not identical places the computer looses connection with the machine - I have no idea why. I am now going between 2 laptops. First off, is there a way to store the program on the machine?

Second - as I’m essentially having to start fresh every time, I need to find a way of getting back to the identical start every single time. I believe the way to do this is install home switch? In my head if they are activated and on. I would send the mill home - then calibrate it to my piece, I record those measurements, set zero and then if for any reason I have to start again I just calibrate back to my original measurements. Is that correct?



Disconnect problems have been ongoing with the older machines. How old is your machine?

No you cannot store the program on the machine.

Second: Let’s fix the first problem (But yes Homing switches will help a LOT)

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Thanks, I might try to remove the aluminium plate as this is one of the early ones.

In the mean time, I’m now installing home switches - I have done Z and tested it but X/Y axis does not start to home then it says aborted. I’m wiring this all myself with micro switches, and following these instructions: