GBRL error - feed rate not set or defined

Not sure if this should be under software but here’s my problem. I’m using Picengrave Pro6 and my shapeoko 3 to try a diamond drag bit on a glass mirror to produce an image. I produced the gcode in Pro6 and after loading, when I hit start in CM v4 I get and GBRL message that the feed rate is not set or undefined.

In my setup in Picengrave Pro6 I have the feed rate set at 20ipm. Any ideas on why I get an error says its not set or defined/

The G-Code standard is a bit hazy on this (see: ) — usually this sort of thing is a problem because the Feed rate (F###) is on a line by itself, before the G# command to move — Carbide Motion seems to expect it to be on the same line and afterwards.

Please send the file in to and we’ll see if we can have a developer look into it.

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