Gcode edit...find right line with just coordinates

Hello there

i had a disconnection of the machine (Shapeoko XXL) during a big job and i want edit the gcode (i usually do this on 3d printers) but i have this issue.

i have only the stop coordinates of the job (not the line), once i open the gcode (made with aspire) with txt editor i can’t find the Y coordinate…my gcode is like this (3d carving)

G1X370.3878Z - 11.7994
G1X370.7083Z - 11.8706

and so on…

These are the coordinates of the interruption point on CM
X: 121.050
Y: 143.475

How can i find the Y 143.475 on the gcode (doing that with the find doesn’t work…)

it is a 3d carving on parallel raster so i just need to find that Y coordinate to resume that…but i’m getting mad!!!

Any suggestion?

Maybe, just look for 143 and see if that looks like where you disconnected; in the event there are rounding errors.

I think the first issue is to know whether the gcode is in absolute or relative coordinates, where it is in relative you need to maintain a position state as you add each relative command to know where the machine has gone;

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If you remember where (physically on the piece) the cut stopped, you may be able to corresponding find the G-code line by loading your G-code file in ncviewer.com
I like this viewer because it has one nifty feature: you can click anywhere on the 3D toolpath in the right pane, and the left pane (G-code) will automatically jump to the corresponding line (and vice versa)


As you know the gcode file has a beginning, middle and end. The beginning has to be in the edited gcode as well as the end. As far as finding your stoppage point that may not be possible. If you do not know the percentage you would have to guess and snip out part of the middle and start somewhere even if it is a little of air cutting.

For me I check on big projects every 15 minutes by writting down the line number and the percentage so I can guestimate where to start on the cutting commands.

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Thanks! i’ve already fount that website to check if my edited gcode was fine :wink:

Thanks to all who suggest me solutions, i’m on it

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Another option would be to use a utility program to re-write the G-Code in terms of absolute coordinates — I’m pretty sure such a tool is listed at:


Thanks to all


Just removed the part before the closest Y coordinates i had and it worked


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