Gcode error from FreeCad with DragKnife dressup

So I picked up a Dog River drag knife so I can make some custom gaskets for motors.

I use FreeCad to design and export the gcode. If I do not use the drag knife dress up on the file the gcode loads in carbide motion just fine. However when I do use the drag knife dress up i get the following error message when I load the file in carbide motion, “Error loading file line 35 arc endpoint error”.

I am not gcode savey and if someone could point me in the right direction to fix the gcode it would be appreciated.

I am running the Shapeoko Pro XXL

DragKnifeTest1.nc (4.0 KB)

Is your GCode exported in Inches or Metric? In most cases, if you are in Inches and switch to Metric, the problem goes away.

EDIT - nevermind, the GCode uses G21, so is in metric.

Okay, it is a G2 (clockwise) arc from:

X35.335 Y75.091


X35.560 Y76.200 

which is supposed to have a centerpoint

I-3.585 J1.109

When I draw this up:

The arc doesn’t seem to encompass both points.

Thank you for the response.

I will see if I can fix the issue.

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