Gcode - generated outside Carbide Create

Can one use a g-code generated with another software with Carbide Motion?


One may have to find or create a suitable post processor for the CAM app, but it should “just work”.

I’m new and still stupid. But I decided I’d learn Fusion 360. It has a Carbide3D post processor. I’ve not had any problems with gcode generated by Fusion 360 using that post processor. But I haven’t run a lot of jobs yet. I like Fusion 360 because there are lots of videos (I especially like the ones made by Lars because he explains things in a manner that I can understand), the forum is very active and the university where I work uses/teaches it. There’s also a intro course on Lynda.com.

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NYCNC Has a bunch of useful how-to videos for fusion too. Fusion is not the easiest thing around to learn, but it’s very powerful. There are a few grbl compatible posts, some of which are specific to carbide machines.

Thanks Will! I have learned that Inkscape has g-code post processor.

Thanks for the response I found it very useful. As to your statement “I’m new and still stupid” please join the club, but “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Albert Einstein.

Mikep thanks!
NY-CNC is a great channel of information.

Do you mean Gcodetools?

The community has a bit on that: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Inkscape#Gcodetools — I find it confusing and haven’t had occasion to try it.