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A while ago in trying help someone on another forum, I made a little gcode generator for surfacing with a bunch of options. I decided there’s no reason not to share here as someone might find it useful. The main reason for the request was in trying to only surface in one direction.
Links below… Make sure to preview your gcode before running it if you want to try these out.
Source code here. (along with a basic engine turning app I made a while ago)
Preview here:
Surfacing Generator


Awesome. I want to make a simple single html project that takes in bit and machine info, chipload/doc/woc ranges and spits out a table of compatible combinations, feed rate, and mrr. I’ve always worked with frameworks and such as to do little html, but this makes that look simple enough.

This is what it looks like when I use a framework.


I don’t really know html either which is why the page looks like a first lesson in html for dummies. I didn’t care what it looked like, though. It’s all about getting that gcode. It’s nice that it can be run anywhere though.
I did the engine turning one when I was experimenting a while ago. I tried using a spreadsheet, but was having trouble with modifying values. This format made it easy to copy paste the gcode into ncviewer for testing and previewing.

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