GCode GRBL Error

I am in the process of verifying the accuracy of my Nomad. I am milling a simple cylinder as a flip job to check the calibration of my machine after updating to GRBL 1.1 and CM 4. I’m getting a GRBL error from a simple contour operation. I use Fusion 360 to generate my tool paths and GCode. Has anyone experienced this?.

This is the GCode

circle.nc (3.1 KB)

Any help would be appreciated. I have done this type of operation many times before with no problems. I’m suspecting my new update to be the culprit.

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Invalid G-Code: Error 33
1112 May be caused by stacked paths. Another possible cause (esp. if using AutoDesk Fusion 360) is inaccurate conversion from Imperial to metric — convert project to metric, then do CAM in metric, then send a metric G-code file to Grbl. Seems to be an accuracy or calculation problem.13

Thanks @WillAdams. It doesn’t look like an Error 33. I am using mm to export my GCode from Fusion360. Also, it starts milling the first depth cut and stops as soon as it starts the next pass. Just after it plunges to the next depth. While I was typing this post I continued trying things and came across something that worked. In the linking tab, if I check ramp, it works perfectly. Instead of it plunging to the depth cut and milling it ramps at a designated angle along the path to the depth cut and then it mills.

Any ideas?

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G19 is on the list as supported, but the balance is an arc move — check in w/ @chamnit ?

Thank you @WillAdams. @chamnit hoping you have a minute to chime in. This is the GCode that worked.

circle_10.nc (3.5 KB)

No G19 in that file. The other arc planes don’t seem to get much use.

I streamed both programs and did not get any unusual errors. Only error due to unsupported characters(%) and g-code(M6).

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Hello @chamnit. Thanks for your time. Did you run it through CM4?. Do you think I’m getting this error because I’m using Fusion360 to output the GCode?. Issue between Fusion360 and Carbide Motion 4?.

I see that the % character and M6 command are also in the GCode file that worked so those unusual instances should not be the issue, right?.

@chamnit’s response indicates that the problem here is Carbide Motion misunderstanding the G19 command (which I noted as not getting much use).

Please send in an e-mail to beta@carbide3d.com and we’ll see about getting support for the other arc planes added to Carbide Motion — the problem is it re-writes the G-code as it sends it out, and in this case, it doesn’t recognize the command spuriously issues this error.

Thank you @WillAdams. Will send email to the beta team. Is there a way I should word it so the know what to do?. Tell them that CM4 is reporting an error with G19 commands?.

Yes, something like that — if you just include the file you posted above, that will give them something solid to test, and since we have a page on Fusion 360, we should be willing to work to support it.