Gcode work flow - Vcarve Pro and CM

I am a bit confused as to establishing a work flow. For example, using Vcarve Pro I design a project that has 3 elements, 1) a Pocket, 2) a Profile and 3) a Cutout. This is the order in Vcarve Pro.

I then select all three files in the order mentioned above as a gcode for the Shapeoko controller using CM. Vcarve outputs 1 gcode file.

Next its time to use CM to begin routering the project.

My problem, only 1 of the 3 above mentioned work flow is performed then the router returns to the NW corner (back) of the Shapeoko.

How do you setup Vcarve Pro to do all 3 task?

How do you setup Vcarve Pro to do a bit change if required.

To get all 3 job tasks, I have to save each element of the job tasks into separate gcode files. Then I have to manually select the order in which I want to do the project for every step of the way.

If all three tasks are the same bit just make sure all 3 are checked not just highlighted and save them all in one program. If you have to do a bit change, Vcarve wont let you save all in one file so you have to save in different files ie: .25em pocket, .0625 pocket clean up type of thing. Hope this helps

Thanks, I found a check box in Vcarve Pro that if checked will output all as one gcode file.

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To expand on what @Gski191 wrote, you have to select and save each tool path in V-Carve. When saving tool paths for the same file when I am using multiple bits, I save them with my own nomenclature that I standardized so I know what tool path and what bit and what order they go in so I don’t screw up (as much. . .)

My formatting is:
[Project name and iteration] [Toolpath order] [ Bit description]

So, I have gcode files that look like this:
2 Player Cribbage Board 005 01 0.2500 Ball End Mill.nc
2 Player Cribbage Board 005 02 0.1250 Drill.nc
2 Player Cribbage Board 005 03 0.0236 End Mill
2 Player Cribbage Board 005 04 0.2500 End Mill.nc


Good idea … THANKS a heap.

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