Gear Display for Convention Booth

A friend of mine wanted a gear display with lights and motion to display at his companies booth at a convention.
MDF gears painted and sealed with pre-cat laquer, then paste wax to handle the rubbing.
Gear drive with chain ring gears and chain.

I created the patterns on an online tool:

It created some pretty heavy SVGs and if I did it again I would use this as a guide and generate them through a plug-in in Fusion 360 (What I designed and CAM output to the SO3 XXL)


Looks great! Can we see the back and how you’re driving it?

Tremendous work!! Agreed on the interest in the drive system… a stepper?

gear drive ac motor, I can’t find the back pics right now. I will post them when I get down to the shop.

Where is the applause emoji?

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I added it to the main post, check it out. The heatsinks are for scrubbing off heat, the motor runs cool enough you can keep you hand on. Slightly under-powered at first, now runs smooth and much lower torque after it broke in.


That is some beautiful (and complex) work!!!

Beautiful! Some seriously great work. Very impressive.