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Good evening I have a general question for the group. Is there a way to automatically add tabs to a string of #'s? I really don’t feel like adding tabs to 41 #'s

Thanks for the help.

No, but you could do something like this. And select the ‘tab’ rectangle only for the last depth.



I would assume you are cutting these numbers out. If so:
Create your first number and add a tab to the top and bottom of the number
Then use Ctrl C and Ctrl V to duplicate the number as many times as necessary
Then select each number and change the text to the number you want.

I use two sided carpet tape to hold down my project instead of using tabs when i cutting out some designs.
Just place a piece of two sided carpet tape under the project where the letters will be placed.
Then when cutting is done just lift the letters off and remove the tape. Place the tape in two pieces across the job where it only covers a portions of the top and bottom of each letter, enough to hold it. That will make it easier to remove. Then you wont need tabs.

Think I would do number 2. Seems like using tabs would be a pain to remove them since you have so many letters

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The cut out pieces (inside) in the numbers 4, 6, 8, 9, and 0 will become shrapnel.

You could trim up the tab rectangle, and add pieces in each of those holes.
Or you could just pocket those vectors rather than contouring them. Or rough out pocket them so there’s no material left when you contour.

As Loren said, two sided carpet tape is an option.

My preference for jobs such as yours is painters tape and CA.

My daughter has tasked me with cutting 160 paintable ornaments. Can’t imagine tabs for that job.

A pic (or 3) is worth a 1000 words


I use Xfasten woodworking tape but need to try the painters tape and CA to compare.

@baricl I have used the carpet tape for years on other woodworking projects (non CNC) but don’t like the residue it leaves on wood and getting the backing off is sometimes a real pain. The Xfasten is better in both those regards but if the bit gets into it then it makes a mess you have to clean up.

What’s the runtime on those ornaments? Looks like it would take a while.

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About 2 and a quarter hours per 24x20 sheet. Haven’t messed much with feeds/speeds since I have only two 1/16” cutters and I need to finish this by Saturday.

Running 50 ipm @ 22k, .125 doc. 1/4” stock.

Not too bad. Hopefully the cutters finish the job.

So you put the painters tape on the spoil board then put the CA glue on top of it? I’ve never user it. How does it remove from the project? Do you have to mix the CA glue with an activator.

Painters tape on BOTH the stock and wasteboard. It just peels off the part and wb when cut is finished. It helps to set your Z-zero to cut through just one layer of tape. That gives a nice clean edge and easy to remove part.

For larger sheets like these you want to spray an accelerator on the side without CA.


I’ve used a combination of painters tape and clamps that’s worked well for me. I tape the back side of my work piece to hold the part in place instead of tabs and clamp the work piece to the spoil board. Z zero set off a piece of take on the spoil board.


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