Generative Design Software

Came across this term while searching and it recommended:

and further searching noted that this style of design is available in a number of commercial programs, as well as others such as:

as well as this site which may be inspirational:

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I have always been skeptical of generative design for any subtractive manufacturing process, I’d be less skeptical for additive but generally think generative design is a solution looking for a problem.

Someone please tell me I am wrong! I want to be wrong!

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I won’t go as far as saying you’re wrong but I do think it can be useful for subtractive manufacturing.

The main use I’ve seen for it is for removing “useless” material so that you can minimize weight. You build up your part like you normally would in CAD and then tell the software your constraints and it’ll tell you where you can remove material and still keep 95% of the mechanical properties you need.

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I can’t name any references, but I know I’ve seen advanced alien technology that looks to be generatively designed. Someone nerdier than I may be able to chime in with examples.

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