GENIUS two-sided milling no dowel holes

I came across this video in my search for making 2-sided milling easier. Has Meshcam or anyone else thought of or designed an algorithm to cut the ‘jig’ as this guy did and make 2-sided milling a snap?


That’s absolutely brilliant. And easy enough to do oneself in CAD. The only question is whether the Nomad can do the full slotting with a .25" bit, as he does at around 5:44 in the video. But maybe that wouldn’t matter? Assuming the nomad can cut the slot to be precisely .25" thick, it should be doable, I think.

Thanks for sharing that video!

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I see no reason why it couldn’t be a 1/8" slot. The only issue I can see is that it is fairly wasteful, and holding the piece down after the flip could be an issue if you are generating a lot of cutting force. Other than that great idea!

I like this. I’ve been considering creating an iPhone case with a GoPro mount on it, for use during Periscope for having one’s hands free, but I’m not sure how I would mill beneath the overhang inside the casing. Anyone done something like this on Nomad?

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