Get A Grip Workholding Kit

We just added our latest product, the Get A Grip Workholding Kit at:

We’ve got a 40% off coupon code for this group for the first 50 people who buy, “getagrip-com

If you follow this link, it should apply the code automatically:


Ordered along with another Edge Light Kit. :slight_smile:


Darn it just placed and order for it and just saw this. Can I still get it applied?

Ordered, thank you for the promo code!

Write in to and we’ll see what can be worked out.

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Look what was waiting for me when I got home tonight.


I’ve received my kit, I like it a lot with one minor issue that I’ll explain. This is a great deal even at MSRP, I’m glad you are offering it as an add-on for new machines.

The issue I’m noticing is that the square is visibly out of square right out of the bag. I put it on the hybrid table and was able to square it up with a speed square while bolting it down, but the downside of this is it needs to happen every time it’s moved. My question is, are they all like this or do I have a bad one? I understand this may be a downside of injection molding.

Video idea: make a compilation of every work holding option C3D offers, how to use them in 20 seconds, and reasons why you would select each for different situations. Educational, and an easy sales op.

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That’s part of the molding and it’s why we put a caveat about it on the product page. We had a big internal debate about removing them, or not calling them out in the product description at all, but we decided that calling it out ahead of time was the best approach.

If you have a consistent process for how you load material then it shouldn’t matter. For instance, you always push the stock toward the front of the machine and then slide it left, it’ll repeat well.


When I make a square for my machines, my last step is to machine it square by simply jogging the machine. With the affordability of the Workholding Kit… perhaps install it as square as possible, then machine the least amount possible.


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