Gettig started with VFD

So, got this thing the other day and hooked it up now what haha? Went into CM and changed settings according to email I was sent after changing the board due to faulty/crappy connector annnnnnnd nothing happens when I turn it on. Where are the no shit instructions for this? What are the settings on VFD itself once turned on supposed to be at?

edit: found the M codes got it to run and turn off. I’m assuming now just run a job and it’ll work?

If you bought the C3D VFD the settings are locked down at the factory. And you are correct that using the Shapeoko post processor should send the commands to turn on and set the speed of the VFD. They lock down the settings because there are infinite possibilities for the settings. This seems like a good thing but when you have infinite possibilities you also have infinite problems likely. People like to experiment and that causes headaches for supporting a complicated piece of equipment like a VFD.

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Thx, makes sense I’ll do a job and see what I’ve been missing. To be clear I don’t need to touch anymore buttons on the VFD itself just the power bottom on side and front button?

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