Getting full travel of X-Axis on Shapeoko XL

I’ve recently built my Shapeoko XL and installed the homing switches. The machine operates fine and the homing process works as well. The problem is my x-axis travel is defaulted to the regular Shapeoko dimensions and I can’t seem to over write them.

I’m gone into the “settings” button of Carbide Motion and typed in the 850 mm for the X axis. I would put a screenshot here, but the message board won’t allow me to put in more than one picture…

I’ve also used the MDI to change $130 to 825mm:

I can’t get the jog control to recognize anything over 420 mm for the x-axis, also visible in the screenshot above.

I haven’t tried to execute g-code that is larger than the 420 mm, as it’s not clear to me what will happen.

Is anyone else having this issue? How do I get my machine to recognize its full range?

Thank you,

Did you do this step?



Try updating to the newest Carbide Motion.

Can you Rapid Position to the center of the table?

Zero out the machine and clear the offsets .

I think a video would be needed to diagnose anything further.