Getting GRBL error 13 (door open) on my Nomad


My Nomad 883 was unused for a long time (almost a year), and now I want to start using it again.
I fired up Carbide Motion and when I hit “connect”, I got GRBL error 13.

Before I send a question on this forum, I thought of maybe upgrading Carbide Motion, so I checked, and downloaded version 4.0.428 (I had 3.x before). Now it says “Door Open Please close door to continue”.

How do I check this? This never happened before, and I don’t even think there’s a door safety mechanism in the Nomad.


(until someone who actually has a Nomad and knows what he’s talking about wakes up and chimes in)
GRBL error 13 is “Safety door detected as opened and door state initiated.”, so both the old and new CM see the same thing.
I understand that Nomads may or may not have door sensor, the ones sold in the EU seem to have them to comply with the local legislation.
This thread may be of interest ?

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As @Julien noted, some Nomads have a door sensor. If your machine doesn’t then this is probably caused by a bad connection in the homing switch wiring — if you can’t find anything obvious to address, contact us at and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

Of course, both versions of CarbideMotion see the same error, just wanted to make sure people with both versions “relate” to the error I see.
I have a US version, and I used to open the door mid-milling to clean stuff with a hand held vacuum cleaner, so definitely no door sensor.

Thanks for the input. I contacted support.

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