Getting limit switches for an old Shapeoko XXL in order to update it

Hey guys, I just joined a makerspace to get access to a Shapeoko XXL. I played with it a bit and it was all buggy and would not work well with my fusion360 files. After some digging, I realized this machine is on an old software from 2017 or earlier like V3 and all the nice features I would want to use are in V4.

I got permission to update it so I started going about it and then realized I had to hold the z limit switch while updating… after looking for that switch for a little and reading up on it, it seems like the machines from before summer 2016 came without those switches. This meant that I had to buy a kit from the Carbide store if I wanted to do the update. So this was surely the reason why no one in the workspace wanted to fork 80$ for the switches and that`s why it never got updated.

Now I don’t mind buying those switches for our space but it turns out that its been so long that no one makes them anymore… the Carbide website link is dead and the 2 other alternatives I found are also out of stock. Here are all the links:

So does anyone know a good new kit? or what switches I need to get from some website so I could 3D print some brackets?

Thanks for your help in advance!

I have a set you may have since I upgraded my switches to Mr Beavers version.

PM your address and I’ll put em in the mail.

Here is another link if you don’t want used ones.

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I’m a bit mystified here. The XXL came out after Summer 2016 and has always included homing switches. Check and see if they were not installed for some reason?

It’s possible that this machine was shipped during a brief window when they were not being included due to a stock issue — if that’s the case, let us know at and we’ll sort this out.


Thank you so much Griff :), I can’t seem to find PM’s anywhere lol. Anyway im in Canada so it would probably cost a pretty penny to ship to me. ill see with carbide3d support for now.

Ok. I thought it was strange for an XXL to be missing the switches. I’m sure C3D will hook you up.

If someone can let us know the details of this purchase, we’ll get the switches out as quickly as we can. I’ve transferred the ticket over to folks who can research purchases, and handle sending stuff out (I’m off-site remote staff w/ no access to shipping information).

awesome ill try to get the info asap!

Also looking at the website of the space there is a picture of the Shapeoko where there is black and white wires running along the axis maybe there used to be limit switches on it?

The reason i say there is no limit switch on it is because when i go Z+ all the way it just slams into the top.

The switches which are provided w/ Carbide 3D kits are configured as homing switches only — soft limits are implemented when jogging in CM4, hence the terminology confusion.

Some of the 3rd party kits work as hard limit switches — but if doing that sort of thing one wants to use shielded wiring.

The space is closed until Wednesday so ill get more info then, thank you so much! I will be right back.

The limit switch won’t stop you from running the axis to the mechanical stops. It’s not a limit switch really, it’s a homing switch.

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can you guys post a picture of what the Z limit switch look like please

Photos at:

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The pictures everywhere are not great, if you don’t know where the plate goes. Follow the wire with the blue arrow, it’s the only pair twisted like this in the area (up behind this plate). The switch itself is located at this screw (the other blue arrow) - the screw holds the switch in place.

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