Getting ready to bite the bullet on a 4 XL and have?

Currently have a 3 and want XL ( don’t need it, just want it lol ) Looked at used but have only seen XXL and don’t have the room for it. Plus for what they are asking for them I can buy the 4 without the table.

  1. When I adjusted tram on my 3, I had to put shims under the rails. Does the 4 have tram adjustments in both X and Y?

  2. Can I move my bit zero (V1) to the 4? I don’t really use it as bit zero, but have added bitptobe (after market bit setter using the bit zero).

  3. I will be building a new enclosure. My current one is using homasote for sound insulation. Is there something better? I see people using sound foam but I imagine it getting all plugged up (and ineffective) with dust.

  4. I looked into RaspberryPi, but by the time I buy a touch display with enough resolution to run CM, I could get a laptop from Dell refurbished for $260 (cheaper - I know, not touch but …)

  5. Not going to get their hybrid table, Have t-track already and can do scrap or mdf in-between.

  6. Lastly if I were going to sell my SO3, it has an enclosure. I installed a solid state relay to control the router, was thinking about moving it and my Makita to the new on. I was thinking in the $900 range. Is this reasonable?


  1. That shouldn’t be necessary on a 4, but to some degree it would depend on how rigid a baseplate you install in place of the Hybrid T-tracks

  2. That’s not supported, but if you were to bolt a suitable plate to the front endplate it should work — it’s not supported though.

  3. no experience w/ either product — hopefully someone else can chime in here.

  4. That’s a good point. The Raspberry Pi is convenient for folks who already have one — it also works well via remote control from a tablet or phone

  5. The Hybrid T-track adds a great deal of rigidity — I’d be sore-pressed to work up something as rigid for the cost difference for my own SO3 XL (and I’ve researched a bunch of options)

  6. What a machine will sell for depends on the local market — that’s a bit low for many machines I’ve seen listed, so hopefully will sell quickly.

Going to an XL from a Standard-sized machine opens up a lot in terms of potential projects — I think you’ll find it well worth it if you’re currently constrained by the width of your machine.


Are the hybrid t-tracks more substantial than standard t-tracks? I see there are 3 cross supports that hold up the t-track. I was just going to add standard t-track to those.

The bit setter functionality is a must. I am spoiled. So is adding a solid state relay.
to the router. I assume I can still do that

It is amazing how well-engineered the Hybrid T-tracks are — I spun my wheels trying all sorts of designs and never came up w/ anything half so effective.

Not sure on the specifics of adding a relay these days — I just use a BitRunner.

I will echo @WillAdams here and encourage you to purchase a machine with the Hybrid Table. It is the primary improvement on these new machines.

As for pricing your S3 Standard, I would expect you could sell it without the router, enclosure, relay and bit zero for about $1,200 if it has the Z-Plus and about $1,000 if it is the old belt driven Z.

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BTW, I’d like to suggest a design change to your product. If you took each of the rails and the router mount and drilled and tapped a 6-32 ( or metric equivalent if you insist ) that can be used to run separate grounds to everything.

Well I ordered it. Started looking into building a new enclosure. Almost had a heart attack looking at price of wood. I did buy it with the hybrid table. Thanks for your input


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