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I’m new to the site and new to CNC. I need some help. I have the Shapeoko XXL and I have downloaded both Carbide Create and Carbide Motion. I’ve spent the last two nights watching videos on how to create projects and get started. I designed my first project in Carbide Create however it will not let me save the file. I get a “can not save file” message. I also do not have any designs in the download library. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you enable the Pro Trial Mode?

If so, either turn it off, or try a time-limited license: — creating an account will allow a free 14 day (with one grace day, total ~=15) trial. “This trial is fully functional for 14 days so you can generate G-Code and try a full project.”

What do you mean by “download library”?

The only repository of files/designs I’m aware of would be:

or the Library in Carbide Create:

If you’ll let us know:

  • what you did
  • what you expected
  • what actually happened

we should be able to help you puzzle things out.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I reloaded carbide create and I can now save the projects that I create, however when I go to downloads and click the the icon that looks like a book it opens a window that is black and there are now design elements that I can see.

Please send in a screen grab of any oddities and we’ll do our best to have a developer look into them.

When I try to look in the design element file this is what I get.

I also just saw that I do not have the booleans feature

And the third thing I found is I cannot add a bit when I try to edit this is the screen I get.

I don’t know about the black screens you are getting, but the Boolean toolbar should appear after you have selected two or more vectors.

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Please see if updating your OS and video drivers fixes this — if not, let us know the specifics of your system at and we’ll do our best to help you puzzle things out.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. I updated the software and it correct the issues that I had. I do have another question if I could. When I open Carbide create and try to import a file that I have already saved it will not let me import it unless it is in my recent files. all of the projects that i have saved before are grayed out and i can’t click them. Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong.

Are the files in question still where they were?

Can you open the files by doing File | Open and navigating to them?

Or by double-clicking on them?

I created a separate folder for all of the projects. I can navigate to the folder where they are and I can see them. The files are not bright they look gray and they will not open. The I go to the “recent” tab in CC I can import them.

Did you save them as Gcode? If so you cannot load that into CC. If you saved them as a CC file then use “open” from the file menu not import, that is for SVG files from vector programs. I know to many load, open save, export things going on but you will get the hang of it.


Please provide step-by-step instructions.

Note every menu accessed, every choice made. Post the files here.

Note that Carbide Create deals in several file types:

  • .c2d — this is its native format, such files are warned of not being saved on closing. A .c2d file once saved may be re-opened and modified and adjusted or completed
  • .nc — these are exported, not saved, and are G-Code which are simply machine instructions on how to move the machine and are an output, not a reusable file format. A .nc file may be opened in Carbide Motion Machine Control Software to the machine, but Carbide Create cannot re-open it (in theory such a file can be processed using 3rd party tools such as G-Code Ripper by Scorchworks or pstoedit and converted into an editable format).


Thank you for the replies. Using “open” from the file menu worked. Thank you again.