Gift for Dad 2018

Reworked the Fathers day Eagle design from earlier this week.Added a rope border and cut out on 1" thick cherry wood finished with satin poly.All ready to be gifted…Used vcarve software. For the rough 1/4 endmill DOC 0.111.Stepover 40% Feed 75ipm plunge 32.For the finish 1/8 ballnose 10% stepover 70ipm 32 plunge.Profile cut was same settings as roughing.Was a 6hr carve total time.

P.s Thanks to @WillAdams for the reading material to do my homework on cutting cherry wood.
also @jdg3 for tons of advise and always having my back :slight_smile:


That came out looking really good!

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Looks phenomenal, great work.

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That looks great, awesome really!!!

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