Going from digital to physical and staying the same size

@Gerry explained this well, but I will note that one can get the same size in Carbide Create as a stroke in Serif Affinity Designer — by assigning the same size stroke in Affinity as the diameter of tool one will use in Carbide Create.

The other thing is, one must export the SVG at 96ppi:

which allows a 1x1inch square:

to import as a 1 inch square:

(albeit vertically displaced because currently CC only uses horizontal positioning, but vertical starts at the first object)

thanks so much. im en route to a campsite up the central coast of California and my reception is spotty at best. ill give this all a go on Sunday. thanks gain for your time.

thanks a bunch. ill be back to all my digital insanity on Monday. heading out into the world. thanks again. JM

Note that this may require setting a preference to not include stroke width in object dimensions.

There’s an idea for a future enhancement, turn stroke width into a closed path offset 1/2 the width of the original stroke. And a second one, also import and convert any fill patterns, which would work well with engraving bits or the MC Etcher

I don’t think we’ll be modifying incoming SVG files — that sort of stuff should be done by the user prior to import.

For a bit on what it’s like to fix such files see:

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You don’t have to modify the svg files, just use the stroke info when generating toolpaths. Presumably that would be an option

ok, so im back home after a great weekend camping and I put your idea to work. PERFECT! thanks a ton. I really love coming home to space out after being out all weekend and then being able to do that spacing out. I sat down to the computer, used your advice and its solved. off to the tv to be braindead and end the week. thanks a bunch. really cool


hey there. thanks for this. I noticed what you mean by the horizontal positioning. no big deal, just takes some working around. so I added this file in from affinity designer. the line I made shows as .25 of an inch in affinity. I used a .25 brush width. you can see here on this 1 inch grid that the line takes up about 1/4 of those 1 inch grid squares.

stroke has been expanded.

heres the svg file that it produced. I dropped down the DPI to 96


when I import this into CC I get this. and this is about 50% bigger than in Affinity. im pretty sure im messing up somewhere in brush size or something. I may be creating the stroke and thinking im importing a path. since as I was informed above by Gerry carbide imports paths not strokes.

and ultimately that gives me a tool path that has a 1/4 inch bit making two paths instead of one. as per this image

thanks in advance for all the help.

Are you confusing radius and diameter?

in this application (Affinity/CC) I may possibly be confusing the two. in the physical world I don’t. hopefully the answer is as simple as that. what I currently have my affinity brush set to .25 of an inch so I can make one pass through a 1/4 inch cut. are you saying that it should be set to .125? thanks for the input. JC

Post all of the files in question?

Untitled 8.22.44 AM
heres the svg. im sure if this is dropped in your version of carbide you’ll see the same thing. the crazy thing is this. all I really want to do is have a 24" canvas in a design program and work my butt off in there…then import that into carbide or any other cad software that I can use to create tool paths for my cnc. is there anyone out there or any software that if you draw a quarter inch line it cuts a quarter inch line? this whole thing has really got me interested.

Okay, opened your .svg file in Serif Affinity Designer:

It’s a vector file:

and your strokes are expanded to:

0.5 inches

which matches what one gets when one imports into Carbide Create after one exports as an SVG at 96ppi:

so when you opened it in affinity was the size of the line a 1/2 inch as well? I see your working in pixels and it appears that the line is in the 30 pixels wide area? I can’t tell. thats where I start to get confused about one program to another and then to the physical world. if you set yours to inches whats it say the size of the line is in affinity? thanks a bunch

Please note the 0.5 in dimensions in the lower left corner of the Serif Affinity Design screen grab.

Things required to make this work:

  • design to the desired size/dimension in Serif Affinity Designer
  • export to an SVG at 96ppi

Please zip the Serif Affinity Designer file which you are having difficulty w/ and post it here.

hey there. I just saw the second screen grab was in inches. totally missed it at first. I really have no file thats giving me grief yet. im trying to start out at a super simple line, at a set size in affinity and then import that to CC without any issues. maybe my first simple step is to figure out how I get this files pencil line to show up as exactly 1/4 inch when I drop it in CC. heck, it appears I don’t know how to make it exactly 1/4 inside Affinity. ive just now started with affinity and vectors as previously I worked with raster stuff. this is all quite new and pretty cool.

Untitled 8.22.44 AM

In Serif Affinity Designer — draw a stroke and assign it to have a stroke which is 0.25in:

My copy is insisting on representing the stroke in points, hence 18pts.

Export this using the settings given above:

and if one pockets the 0.25 in circle, and assigns an 0.25" tool to the stroke one gets:

I completely see what youre doing and it makes all the sense in the world. but ive got a problem right off the bat. im running affinity on an iPad, I can’t see why this would create an issue but im wondering if it is. im going to send you a video that shows me fussing with stroke size and then making the line. you can see im in a 24 inch grid and that the .25 inch/18pt line created isn’t a full quarter inch. I think thats where my first problem starts. can you see how I’m ending up with a line so much smaller than .25? is it that im using the pencil and not the pen? yep. hold on one second, I didn’t go back and edit this response so you can see my thought process here. it appears that when I do all the same work with the pen tool everything comes up exactly the same as yours. same when I use the brush. pencil just throws the whole thing off. can’t figure that out at all.

heres the link so you can see what I was doing with the pencil and heres a screen shot of how brush and pen work exactly like all you guys have been showing me. thanks a bunch. now im off to figure out why the pencil behaves so much differently than the brush and pen when set at the same size.

I would suggest contacting Serif support.

The usual work-around for dimension issues is to draw a box of a known dimension around everything and then select everything, including the box, and scale to that size on import.