Going too far right!

So I spent the better part of a day assembling my XXL Pro and yesterday was the big day. I updated the settings tab with the Shapeoko XXL Pro and did a “Send configuration”. Next I connected to cutter and clicked on “Initialize machine”. The router moves to the right and to the rear and contacts the right rail first and then continues to the rear . As it moves to the rear its wanting to keep going right and continually hitting the right rail. When is stops at the right rear furthest point it just sits there and attempts to continue going right until I power the off machine. I’ve double checked all of my connections but based on assembly videos that I’ve watched, labeling wiring seems to be an issue with Carbide3d. I spent most of Saturday emailing back and forth with Carbide support but appears they have given up on me. Any ideas what could be wrong would be greatly appreciated as I am anxious to move forward ? Thanks in advance.

If the machine is going too far in the correct direction during the homing cycle then the problem is somewhere in the limit switch (either it’s not triggering or the trigger signal isn’t getting to the board).

Try to see if you can re-position the proximity switch to light up when the gantry is all the way to the right. If not, then check the connection to the control board and the wiring (you can compare it to another switch that’s working)

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It sounds like it definitely isn’t triggering the proximity switch, follow @Falcmike 's advice, as well as the setup and test info in the documentation:

Here’s the guides page from Carbide 3D:

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Thanks for the info. I’ll test the switches today.