Golden Ratio Gauge How to (Fibonnacci Gauge)

I am giving a presentation to my woodworkers club in August. In writing the presentation I created 3 distinct presentations

  1. Making a Golden Ratio Gauge in Carbide Create
  2. The Golden Ratio, explanation of what it is and examples of it.
  3. A combination of the Golden Ratio explanation and how to create a sofa table with the Golden Ratio.

I will attach all 3.

  1. If interested in just making the Golden Ratio Gauge check out the link for google drive.
  2. If interested in the Golden Ratio check out the pdf golden_ratio_only.pdf
  3. If interested in the Golden Ratio for Woodworking which includes item #2 above and a demonstration of designing a sofa table using the Golden Ratio then check out link on google drive for the presentation.

I separated the how to of Carbide Create making a Golden Ratio from the explaination of the Golden Ratio because I dont want to bore people that dont want to read the theory just the how to.

golden_ratio_caarbide_create.pdf (1.7 MB)
golden_ratio_only.pdf (2.3 MB)

I cannot upload the Woodworking Club pdf because it is too big but if you want to see it get it off my Google Drive. I will make it public so anyone can get it.

The c2d file is also too big and here is a link to my Google drive if you want to down load it.