Got my SO3 SuckIt dust boot today but

As thrilled as I was… I got disappointed pretty quickly when I realized they sent me two left arms :frowning:

I didn’t want to wait another 3.5 weeks for it to arrive. I decided to make one.

Scanned the part in and imported into photoshop:

Use the pen tool to fit a path to the outline as best as I could:

Convert those paths to shapes before exporting as SVG to CC (Make sure you do 72 DPI as your res):

Set toolpaths after importing SVG:

Towards the end of cutting the piece out and made quite a mess:

Looks pretty darn close! maybe off by <= .5mm or so. I broke off a piece while drilling the hole so that sucks. I did glue the piece back on with acrylic cement. All in all, wasn’t too bad to make.

The boot is an awesome product. From what I read online everyone loves their. Perhaps I’m the first lucky one to get a bad shipment. :grin:


Bummer on your mixup… but I like your determination in creating a surrogate part! Nice work, and I’m certain Mark & Jenn will get you a genuine replacement.


I wonder whether we will see a post shortly from someone that received two right arms.

Nice work, BTW!


Could be me as im still waiting on mine and its been a while since i ordered it…

It took about 5 or 6 weeks to get mine from time of ordering, but at least it had all the correct parts.

Thanks and I did get in touch with Jenn. She was very apologetic and said that she’ll check with the guys that do her packing. She’s doing to send me a new part today but in the mean time, my bootleg arm will get me by. The Suckit is awesome as I cut some MDF yesterday and didn’t leave a pile of dust afterwards.