Grateful for this forum

I just wanted to thank you to all that have helped. Absolutely in love with this machine and just mind blown watching it. I have always messed around with wood projects and stuff I need or wanted around the house that I didn’t want to buy. But this all came from me making flags and dremeling out stars, or various other stencil patterns you typically see on flags. I’m starting my own shop in hopes I can stay home with my boys and I’m almost certain my shapeoko, and the help of you guys, are going to make this happen. But a serious thank you to all that have helped me. I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge that you gladly help out with. Not just me but everyone. So thank you all :heart:


It is a fascinating journey isn’t it. The satisfaction of using tools like this must come from some part of our DNA that remembers when we were cavemen and handling fire was magical. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to justify having spent so much time enjoying it :slight_smile:


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