Grayscale images converted to STL - how do you remove background

I am curious if and what the method is to remove the pixel border that is not part of an image. I think I tried leaving this area white and transparent… Is it possible when converting a grayscale image to STL file ?

Example- this is rough and only meant as an example :
Source image fed into

I want those white bits at the top and bottom to not be part of the model when imported as a component into VCarve but what happens is the overall pixel size of the file has a border carved around it as though it is surrounded with a black border.
You can see it here after it’s been imported to VCP

I tried using MESHCAM to import grayscale images with the same problem. Whatever the overall pixel size of the image file is becomes part of the model and I can’t seem to get rid it it. With MC is was a little different and it instead floored the area that was set to transparent.

I used to be able to make this work with the Carvewright Designer software so I think there has to be a way to make this work but I haven’t figured it out yet with Vcarve.

Why not edit the file in advance? Make it match what the program expects?

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not sure I am following you

Why not edit the pixel image and fill in the black background where you want it to be?

Alternately, use a 3D editor such as Microsoft’s 3D Builder which is available for Windows 10 to edit the file.

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I’ll give that a try. I am assuming this is after the file was converted but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Thx!