Grbl 1.1 and CM4

I’m new to this and just go my machine a few months ago. has anyone done this upgrade? I’m thinking of upgrading. Is there any drawback?


You machine should have come with Grbl 1.1, and you should be using Carbide Motion 4 — there are some odd things which can happen if one uses Grbl 1.1 with CM3, so please at least check that CM4 will/won’t connect.

Note that CM5 is currently in beta testing and should be released presently.

Thank you for replying, @WillAdams. Is there an easy way to check which version I’m running? I"m super new at this.

Sending $i through the MDI should report the version on the log.



(1625): <- [OPT:VNPR,14,128]
(1624): <- [VER:1.1f.20170131:]


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