GRBL 1.1 update for SO3 Sparkfun Edition?

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I own a Shapeoko 3 Sparkfun Edition. Is it possible to update that one also to GRBL 1.1? If so, can one of you point me to documentation on how to do it?


I believe this will be the same as doing a Carbide 3D board — there’s explicit mention of entering a Sparkfun code at:

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Finally got around to updating my Sparkfun SO3 to GRBL1.1, and am posting here so that others might avoid the issues I encountered.

The Carbide Upgrader does not work, as it will not recognize the Stepoko (Sparkfun Arduino board).

I found great, detailed instructions to updating GRBL via the Arduino IDE at:


Appreciate you taking the time to share this. Super useful!

I also have a Sparkfun edition. Do I have to fit homing switches first?

I would try the Arduino update.

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If you wish to use Carbide Motion 4, you’ll need to have homing switches.

If you’re using some third-party G-Code sender, not necessarily.

You really should get them, they’re a huge improvement/convenience

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Thank you. I will look into switches.

Using the IDE what board do I select? UNO??

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Please see: GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4 and the following post and

Thank you for trying to help. But I am getting a little confused.
Do I upgrade using
Hex loader + Hex file
Arduino IDE + Source file target board uno.

Best wishes.

Whichever you prefer. They’re all valid.

Just wanted to say Thank you William.

All sorted.

For anyone else that needs help.
I am using a macbook.
***Make sure you copy your existing GRBL settings ($$) somewhere as they will need re-entering after you upgrade.

I used these instructions
Download the app from here
Download the 1.1 GRBL hex file from here

Make sure you have the latest version of Arduino from here
When unzipped and installed - Make sure you copy the program to your Applications folder.

Run Hex uploader.

When completed. manually update your GRBL settings from the settings you saved at the beginning.

Best wishes.