Grbl 1.1H Dual Axis Auto square

Did someone checked the new self-squaring gantry homing on Grbl 1.1H?

It would be nice to add it to the shapeoko Y Axis.


I guess it would mean a complete mechanical redesign of the Y axis though, as there is no degree of freedom currently between the two Y rails.

I actually do this with my Shapeoko and Mach4, it uses two independent homing switches on the Y rails.

You wouldn’t want a complete degree of freedom, you can easily see the X rail “flex” if you push or pull the rail on one side while the other side lags behind. It is only to square maybe a millimeter or less otherwise you would get binding.


Yeah I have just 1mm or less of play, but it impact on really small circles!

If I understand this correctly, it would need a replacement controller (one with separate axes for the two Y-axis motors) and separate homing switches for each end of the gantry on the Y-axis.

You can get most of that by just pulling or pushing the gantry against an endplate assuming the machine is square.

Maybe it’s a matter of mechanically squaring the machine just a little better ?
A very small amount of shimming at the ends of the X rail should should make this 1mm gap go away completely, and save you the trouble of upgrading electronics.

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After trying a few things, this is exactly what I’m doing now. Before turning the machine on, I push the gantry towards the angle iron to make sure it is square.
This is so silly and obvious now, but I spent too many hours trying to square the machine to make that large 3mm gap disappear.

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