GRBL active input pins Probe Nomad Pro

I have my nomad pro working again on the old original card. It stopped working for some reason.

Anyway i bought a new card and updated to the latest grbl version but it wouldn’t send the probe to measure. I emailed support but they have not replied for a week or two?

Is this a simple fix? All the wires obviously work, it goes through all the montions and goes down an inch to measure the probe and says probe cycle failed.

Before initializing it says GRBL active input pins “PROBE”

Is it worth soldering the male connector and putting a new one on?



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If you power up and connect to the machine and if it is not on a homing switch and the BitSetter isn’t depressed and it shows a Probe input, something is wrong — possibly electrically in terms of wiring.

Please pull your back cover and send a photo of your controller wiring in to and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out.

Is the probe getting stuck in the down position? Mine just did recently. I took it apart & cleaned it & all is good now.


Yep thats it, i will trynthat at weekend

Thank you

Hi Will just messaged you my email address. All the photos have been sent



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