GRBL Board - Nomad/Shapeoko Switch plugs

Just curious, I had my panel off the other day to route my air line, and while in there I took a look at the grbl board. Always curious, I took some pictures to get a better view. Upon review I noticed that there are two plugs. One silk screened “Nomad Switches”, and another “Shapeoko Switches”. Sounds reasonable enough… except everything was plugged into the “Shapeoko Switches” port, and not the Nomad (I have a Nomad 883 Pro).

My guess is these are for the limit switches (I didn’t yet check the wires/colors). Does this seem strange to anyone? Everything works fine though, so I presume nothing to worry about, just peeked my curiosity.


It just depends on the connector that’s on the switch cable. There’s no functional difference.

I was told by Jorge they are for future proofing. (Hmmm)

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