GRBL Error: alarm lock on stock Nomad 883

I have a Nomad 883, it worked well in the past, but I haven’t used if for a few months (maybe even a year). Today I decided to cut something with it.

Carbide Motion connected to the Nomad, bug when I tried to “jog”, it halted for a second and then said “GRBL Error: alarm lock”.

What could cause that? Alternatively, what additional information do I need to collect to get an answer for this?

Note: I used the same Carbide Motion application to run a few cuts on a Shapeoko XL, could that be related?


Did you home the machine?

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I switch computers between machines and haven’t noted any difficulties.

Please check that the machine isn’t stuck on a homing switch (move each axis towards the center), and check the switches physically to see that none of them are stuck.

Was it able to home successfully?

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