GRBL ERROR: Invalid gcode ID:33

I ran into this same issue… (spent an evening on the ipad researching)
I did this the next day and it worked.
In Fusion 360 in the post process
modify the post config file
carbide3d.cps - Generic Carbide 3d (grbl)
(for me it was line 59)
var xyzFormat = createFormat({decimals:(unit == MM ? 3 : 4)});
var xyzFormat = createFormat({decimals:(unit == MM ? 4 : 5)});

This changes the # of decimals and seems to satisfy the grbl ARC commands

I have had my xxl up and testing for 2 weeks only … Fusion 360 was loaded less than a month ago.

I did not invent this solution and I looked a too many things being new and couldn’t re-find the
creater of the solution to give credit …who ever you are thanks this worked.

Having a lot of fun with this XXL … thanks all

I see it has been awhile sense the last reply… If this is not ok to post I am happy to remove it