GRBL Error: Serial Port: ResourceError and Loss of Zero

Hi all,

I was receiving GRBL Error: Serial Port: Device Not Found Error quite a bit but then I taped by USB cable to my laptop and it seems to be fine.

Now I’m receiving GRBL Error: Serial Port: ResourceError toward the latter end of my job and I’m not sure what to do.

Furthermore, every time there is a serial port error I lose my zeros in Carbide Motion which is not good. Is there any way to store the zeros so I don’t keep losing them?

Thank you for your help.

The zero set by Carbide Motion after homing should be persistent.

Losing connection towards the end of a job is usually EMI:

If that doesn’t help, let us know at (mention that you’ve seen the wiki link and note what you’ve tried thus far) and we’ll work it out somehow.


Also, oddly enough, at the end of a job I’m getting both getting GRBL Error: Serial Port: Not Open Error and GRBL Error: Serial Port: Unknown Error.

I’ll check out the EMI recommendation thank you.

Yeah and zero never persists - not when I get a serial error and not after I turn the machine off. So something is very wrong there. I will follow up with