GRBL Error: Serial Port Stuffs

Howdy… Seems like this horse has been beaten to death already in the past, and I’ve been following the suggestions I’ve read about, but I’m continuing to get the Serial Port errors and I can’t get a reliable run on a project.

I’m getting errors like: GRBL Error: Serial Port: ResourceError, GRBL Error: Unknown Error, etc…

I’ve had this Shapeoko for the last year or so, I got it used from a friend who isn’t using it anymore. For most of the last year of small occasional projects, it’s worked fine with the odd problem that was overcome with relative ease.

Now, the last couple months, I can’t get more than about 5 minutes of cutting done before this happens. I have a lot of projects lined up for this rig, and really need it going.

Here’s what I have done:

1: Relocated the controller and power outside of my enclosure (Bonded to the machine).
2: Bonded all the parts together and connected to a ground pin on my household power.
3: Resecured all of the wiring bundles and make support pads for the raceway’s so they weren’t drooping all over the place.
4: Replaced the USB cable.
5: Checked the brushes (barely worn) and blew out the router with compressed air until no further dust came out.
6: Cleaned wheels, belts, everything up of debris, dust, etc. - This thing was fresh as new.

I’m not running a vacuum on this thing, there should be no static issues with that.

I don’t have a bit setter on this rig, it’s pretty basic and I haven’t done any upgrades on firmware.

I’m running Carbide Motion 3.0.368

If I can get things sorted out, I’d like to do some upgrades like the bit setter, Z screw drive setup, and maybe a Laser…

I don’t know what else to say…

Anyone have any input? Questions…

Please let us know about this at

Updating to Grbl 1.1 will allow using a more current version of Carbide Motion which I believe has a longer timeout and should be more reliable. You’ll need homing switches and a computer running 64-bit Windows or Mac OSX.

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