GRBL error...unused, leftover G-code words

Appreciate some help here, learning all the ins and outs of g-code is still on my to-do list :slightly_smiling_face:!

Doing a practice cut in 3/4 mdf, inset and cutout for a router lift in a new router table top. Toolchain F360 cad/cam, CM 4.0.407, SO3 XL. See pics attached for error description and g-code in question.

Sorry in advance if this is too minimalistic but my experience is a pic or two are worth a few thousand words. Please ask if I need to provide more.

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Here’s a list of what is or isn’t supported, but I can’t see whats wrong?

Did the piece finish? Was there a tool change ? M9 is coolant control not supported. That’s the best I got lol.

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Thanks Jerry, Ray. I’ll try running the code again without the coolant command.

This seemed like a really random error, the cut was 97% complete. Actually, I confirmed all the critical dimensions are exactly where I want them to be so no need to run it again. I’ve thought of a quicker, more efficient tool path for the actual table top.

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