GRBL Errors on Carbide Motion

Hello, I come once again in search of help from you guys :joy:. I was cutting today (I haven’t used my machine in a week) and I got an error in the middle of my cut. I reconnected and it started again and about 3 minutes in got another error. I plugged in my usb isolator and it seemed to work and then it did it again. Retried once more and it still didn’t work. I keep getting multiple errors with and without the isolator. Any thoughts? Also the cutting quality is FAR WORSE than usual, and it’s a brand new bit that I’m using. Could that be caused by the grbl issues? Thank you

This is what happened in the letters

Grbl should just send the signals to move the machine as it ought — I suspect what happened here is that the depth changed slightly — re-running a finishing pass for the pockets should help.

Do you know why carbide motion kept spitting out errors and disconnecting? I don’t want to do another pass that should take 32 minutes and in reality takes 2 hours. Thank you though! That does make sense. 1 part down 1 to go :joy:

For the disconnect see: Electronics - ShapeOko or write in to

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I’ve done everything in the list. I’m waiting for a response from support. Thank you!!

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