Grbl issues with gcode

I have created a gcode file in carbide create and imported it to grbl control, it is all there and the code is present but when I press start it instantly goes into status hold.

(Using with 3018 CNC)

Please help
Many thanks


Which G-Code sender are you using? What does “status hold” look like? Could it just be M6 (the tool change code) causing your G-Code sender to wait until you confirm you changed the tool?

Carbide 3D’s own machines all run GRBL so it should work just fine.

You could also try removing the M6 line from the G-Code if your G-Code sender doesn’t support it.

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also there are many grbl dialects; in Carbide Create one needs to pick the right post processor (generic grbl most likely for the 3018)

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Many thanks removed the tool change command actually M0 and now working

M0 isn’t tool change, it’s unconditional stop. I don’t use Carbide Create but it surprises me that would be there…

it does when a non-Shapeoko post processor is selected, and this M0 has already caused issues for other people. I still have no idea why it’s there in those posts.

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Which post-processor do you have selected?

Please try either Basic G-Code or Grbl.

I’ve only tried grbl so far. I will give basic a go though.

I had a Shark Pro HD that I just sold. I used the GBRL and Generic Gcode post processor but I had to edit out the Spindle commands or my file would load but the machine just sat there.

Attached is my Shark document on how to edit Carbide Create gcode to get it to work with the Shark. Maybe it will help you to edit the commands that the 3018 cannot understand. Carbide_Create_for_Shark_Use.pdf (42.4 KB)

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